Monday, November 29, 2010

The Road to Flash Mobbing

I was so utterly over excited to begin rehersals this year for The Festive Season Singers, that pretty much NONE of the information actually went into my brain. So after 3 rehersals I have finally found that sacred place where information is stored, and I know the 5 songs were are performing to a degree, that if I forget the words, atleast I know the tune and the notes, so at this point I am feeling resonably undercontrol, and feel that I will have it down pat in SEVEN days when we perform.

Then Brooke (the all powerful director) tells us we are going to the gardens to perform, NOW. 

I almost crashed my car several times on the way there because my brain was still trying to achieve memory retention and not processing the fact that my body was currently contained in and operating a functioning motor vehicle.

We made it to the gardens alive (that is me and the 2 other people whose lives I took into my hands), and met the other singers, who devastatingly (to me) looked as calm and a warm, spring afternoon about the fact that People, yes real living, breathing people were about to LOOK at us while we were singing!!  Okay, I may be being a TAD over dramatic here, but Hey I get nervous.

A meeting was held and we all moved off to inconspicuously arrive at the designated spot to perform the first flash mob of the year. 


Success! We got a round of applause, scared some innocent children, freaked out some teenage guys, and all around had a great afternoon.  I managed to BREATHE (which I was yelling to myself inside my head) through the nerves, and after a couple of false starts, and forgetting to sing some words completely, got into the groove, and feel that we really did have a successful afternoon.

Now I need to go home, learn the words AGAIN, because the door to the room where all the words are stored in my head is apparently closed.......

Unfortunately I can't make it to Westfield Chartwell (whoops did I say that outloud.....) for the first performance after dinner on Thursday, but bring on Saturday (the 4th of December) when I get to do it all again........................

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  1. Exciting stuff! Wish I could have been there!
    Keep up with the blogging, I can't wait to read more!